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For The Brew Master

If terms like pour over, brew ratio and crop-to-cup are part of your special someone’s daily lingo, we have a gift in store! From Frausto & Co.’s comprehensive deck of cards to the best portable espresso maker to a pocket-sized compendium from award-winning barista Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (did you know the first-ever coffee house opened in Constantinople in 1555?!), STORY Home for The Holidays is the ultimate resource for any type of coffee connoisseur.

Wacaco Minipresso GR; $60

Aromas In Coffee Scratch n’ Sniff Sticker Book; $26

Yield 850 mL Glass French Press; $85

The Coffee Dictionary; $19

Cultured Coffee; $20

Smoko Top Hat Mug; $5

Frausto & Co. The Coffee Deck; $16