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Focus on Fair Trade: Women Empowering Women

Feminism is a force for equity, and dedication to that cause doesn’t stop when we shop. F is for Feminism, but it’s also for Fair Trade, because buying what you believe can positively influence developing economies. Check out these fabulous, female-run fair-trade brands that focus on sustainably improving the lives of the women with which they work!

Indego Africa

Fair-Trade Wares: Intricately hand-woven sweetgrass baskets with vibrant, traditional design and colors.

Equity Action: Organizes primarily female artisans in Rwanda and Ghana into cooperatives where profitable business skills, education, and access to international export markets have helped 78% of Rwandan members to rise above the poverty line.


Fair-Trade Wares: Homegoods expertly crafted from hand-selected Mugavu logs, using traditional techniques, and with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Equity Action: Works directly with artisans to preserve and enhance artistic traditions to become sustainably profitable, provide a marketable and economically beneficial outlet for their skills, and reduce poverty in these communities by connecting them to the global marketplace.

Global Goods Partners

Fair-Trade Wares: Deliberately woven, exceptionally soft, and undeniably warm Alpaca fleece scarves.

Equity Action: Dedicates its enterprise to alleviating poverty and promoting social justice in the Global South, working with 40 partners in 20 countries while providing operational expertise, building grants, and empowering over 3,000 women to sustainably advance the well-being of their families and communities.

Raven and Lily

Fair-Trade Wares: Eco-chic fashion accessories, from slouchy leather bags to perfectly-sized pouches.

Equity Action: Named best “B” corporation in the world for community impact, Raven and Lily employs over 1500 female artisans who earn a fair wage for their work. Products are made by hand – and while modern in style, each honors traditional artisan crafts and techniques.

Shop Soko

Fair Trade Wares: Modern, minimalist jewelry – many pieces handcrafted from recycled materials, using techniques refined in Kenya over hundreds of years.

Equity Action: Soko is disrupting the supply chain by connecting mobile-enabled artisans in developing countries directly to brands, retailers, and online customers around the world.  Through its value-driven supply chain, artisans increase their incomes by a factor of 4x within two months.