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FLYTE: It’s Magic!

We think that if P.T. Barnum—the great showman who gave audiences an escape from the every day—were still alive today, he would most certainly love FLYTE. This levitating lamp suspends belief by suspending a lightbulb in air, letting it magically float over a wooden base. It’s a sight to be seen, a wonder to behold!

But in the spirit of giving, we’ll let you in on the secret: FLYTE floats freely in the air via magnetic levitation and is powered wirelessly via induction. It’s designed in Sweden by a small team with big dreams: “We believe in inspiring people and getting inspired. We believe in creating stories and hearing them, imagining the impossible and make it real.”

As if getting a lightbulb to float in the air weren’t magical enough, FLYTE has another trick up its sleeve. That’s right…FLYTE is also incredibly sustainable! The bulb itself is made from shatter-resistant glass, and is an energy-efficent LED built to last a lifetime. That means it will illuminate for 50,000 hours, or 22 years at 6 hours a day. And, the wooden base is crafted from sustainably sourced oak, ash and walnut.

At a time of year when the most familiar traditions feel new again, FLYTE is the perfect gift to surprise someone special this holiday!