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Good Find: FluidStance Wants to Help You Find Balance at Work

A tech-centric modern life is often a sedentary one, with more and more science discovering the detrimental effects of long periods of sitting. FluidStance addresses the need for health in the workplace by empowering individuals to move while still allowing them to focus on the work at hand, and we sat down (for just a little while) to discuss it with their team.

Movement is a major focus of FluidStance. Why is that?

Our bodies are designed to move, and physical activity delivers the endorphins and long-term benefits that you need to feel better. Movement doesn’t have to mean completing a triathlon—taking a walk during your lunch break, dropping by a yoga class after work, or finding any way to implement movement throughout the day will keep your body healthy and your mood boosted.

What drove you to focus on movement as a goal and philosophy?

Our founder, Joel Heath, went from working in Vail—where team ski breaks and movement in the workplace were the norm—to working in a typical sedentary office environment. Even after he switched to a standing desk, he felt his body changing and reacting to the lack of movement in his workplace.

So he decided to do something about it.

He did. He and all of us hope to untether people from their chairs and allow for a more natural, productive work environment. When you’re not uncomfortable at your desk, you’re healthier and happier at work, making for an overall better workplace.

FluidStance’s key to that healthier and happier workplace is the Level board. How does it work?

The Level is unique in that it allows you to move while still remaining focused at your desk. The underfoot motion of the board that you experience on the Level is subtle enough that it does not product a significant increase in typing errors, but the movement is enough to give you an average range of motion of 23.98 degrees and elevate your heart rate up to 15 percent.

Those are some impressive numbers. Any last words or advice for our followers before we get moving again?

When it comes to health, moderation and movement are key. It’s important to be mindful of our own bodies’ needs and limits in order to stay healthy as we age, and maintaining a sense of balance in all areas of life plays a large role in maintaining and improving health.