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FLOR’s Tips For Holiday Survival: ‘From Family Celebrations To Spilled Libations’

Festivities are under foot. Literally! We invited FLOR to collaborate on our holiday space and lay down a delightful array of colorful, creative rug designs. They chatted with us about the experience and gave us the deets on the best gift they’ve ever received (spoiler alert: it’s pretty adorable).

What’s your story in six words or less?

Creative rug designs for anywhere you live, work, or play.

How did the holiday collaboration come about?  

We’ve had the opportunity to partner with STORY for several years. We love how they use unique design elements and products to bring a truly engaging shopping experience to life. It’s one we are excited to be a part of.

What makes FLOR tiles a perfect fit for STORY’s holiday home?

From family celebrations to spilled libations, FLOR is designed to handle whatever the season may bring.

What are a few things that make FLOR tiles distinct?

Everything from the way we make our tiles to what we make them with is a testament to what we stand for: design, functionality, and sustainability. We manufacture beautiful rugs, but the best part is that we are also making a difference.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

A puppy.

What’s your favorite holiday to-do in NYC?

Admiring the beautiful tree and watching the ice-skaters at Rockefeller Center.

What does Home for the Holiday mean to you?

A time of laughter and celebration with the people you love most.