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Floored By PHLUR

How do you reimagine the fragrance industry? If you’re PHLUR, you start by closing your eyes and picturing a walk through Central Park at the start of Spring. The air is crisp, the Alabama Shakes are blaring through your headphones, and you feel rejuvenated by the energy of the City. Now ask yourself, how would that experience smell? According to the PHLUR website, it’s something like  Olmstead and Vaux, “a citrusy burst, known to inspire confidence and composure.”

PHLUR was founded by Eric Korman, a former Ticketmaster executive who’s also worked at companies like RetailMeNot and saw an opportunity to disrupt the fragrance industry by doing the impossible – selling a virtually unknown brand of fragrances online. In order to carve out a niche, Korman knew he had to innovate. And PHLUR delivers, from a site that encourages you to browse each scent by a music playlist to the brand’s try at home policy and sustainable, fuss-free packaging. Even the company name is meant to knock the establishment – “Fleur” means flower in French, while the PH stands for the pH level of your skin since the scent smells differently on each wearer.

As for the fragrances? Six sustainably crafted scents, made without parabens, phthalates or any unnecessary stabilizers. There’s Hanami an aquatic floral tableau, Moab, a spicy Western seduction, and Greylocke, a refreshing expression of nature and New England heritage.

Note, taken.