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Five No-Bummer-Summer Solutions to Swear By

Summer in New York comes with its own set of problems. Eye-stinging SPF, subway air, and sticky everything, for starters. Searching for solutions? We’ve got you covered with everything from sweat-proof sunscreen to slip on shoes – pull up a beach chair and staycation a while.

Summer Bummer 01: SPF that stings when you sweat

COOLA’s mineral baby sunscreen stick is safe for little peeps and big (sensitive-skinned) babies alike. The ultra gentle fragrance free stick glides on for seamless protection without tears.

Summer Bummer 02: Thighs that Stick to Sweaty Subways

MegaBabe’s Thigh Rescue is here to save your legs from city subways. The easy to apply stick creates a friction-free barrier to ensure that even the sweatiest of days don’t rub you the wrong way.

Summer Bummer 03: Sandbox Purse Syndrome

Leave the beach where it belongs. Sun Jellies’ plastic basket totes eliminate sandbox purse while still providing ample storage for your towel and adult sand toys.

Summer Bummer 04: Warm Wine

Rose all day is a nice thought, until it’s 100-degrees outside. Corksicle’s wine chillers keep their cool, so your summer water stays refreshing and ice cube-free.

Summer Bummer 05: Summer Friday Footwear

Closed toe shoes say, “work mode.” Tidal’s American-made Flip Flops on the other hand (or foot) make your weekend plans as obvious as the 6-pack inside your briefcase.