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Throw Back Every Day: Five ’90s Instagram Accounts

Remember when “liking a pic” meant including it in your scrapbook? Times have changed, but you can get your daily nostalgia fix by following these five Instagram feeds that throw it back to the ’90s. From grunge rock to pop rocks, there’s something here for everyone.

Curated by photo editor Kelly Rakowski, @ghosts_flowers is a self-proclaimed collection of “celebrities of yesteryear and flowers.” Showing the likes of a chocolate-lipped Drew Barrymore sporting an iconic sunflower choker and Celine Dion wearing a flower-print spaghetti-strap dress, this is a charming (albeit slightly bizarre) addition to your daily scroll.

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Nickelodeon’s new late-night block on TeenNick is a no duh #RememberWhenSTORY favorite. Bringing screenshots from our favorite ’90s shows, “Splat Facts” that will have you saying oh snap! (like, did you know the character design for Chuckie from Rugrats was originally a rabbit?), and more ’90s updates, @thesplatgram is the place where slime-covered Nickelodeon childhood dreams come true.

Smells like ’90s spirit! This feed affectionately calls their followers “Alienz” and caters to the grungy fringes who are still rocking to Nirvana and Pearl Jam (or rolling their eyes along with Daria). Cheeky, freaky, and edgy – It’s easy to see why @grungesource is at 105K Alienz and counting!

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Lisa Frank always had an out-of-this-world way of using color(ways). The garish neons, rainbows, and smiling animals that define her iconically wild style lend our daily scroll a bit of zany brainy. Some posts show her unusual art going in new directions, suggesting this throwback may be making a comeback.

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Celebrating both the awesomeness and general cringe-worthiness of the ’90s, the curators of @allthings90s include away message statuses, clips from Clarissa Explains It All, and old covers of Vibe Magazine. We love it so much, we kinda wanna marry it.

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