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Finds to Compliment a Modern Vocabulary

When it’s time to tap into the magazine part of our DNA, we’re all about having fun with words words words. So in celebration of Merriam-Webster’s recent announcement that they;re adding over 1,000 words to the dictionary (including “side-eye,” “shotgun,” and even “ghost” – as in, “to abruptly cut off contact), we’re indulging our logophila and taking a look at some of these new additions. But as a retailer, we’re firm believers that if you’re gonna talk the talk, you better have the stuff that’s gonna back it up. Here are some goods that will give your updated vocabulary an even greater impact. Yowzer!

The Word : Side-eye. noun \ˈsīd-ˌī\ a sidelong glance or gaze especially when expressing scorn, suspicion, disapproval, or veiled curiosity
The Goods : Third Drawer Down’s Louise Bourgeois Eye Mask

Chances are you’ve been on both ends of the side-eye. It’s that sidelong look – that glance or gaze that doesn’t want to involve the front of the face, but instead says way more by shifting to the corners of the looker’s eyes. With the help of Third Drawer Down’s Louise Bourgeois Silk Eye Mask, you can block out any potential glance of suspicion or disapproval while still harnessing the ability to dish it out. (A little fun fact: Bourgeois was an insomniac for much of her adult life, and the silk eye mask was dreamt up by Third Drawer Down Studio director Abigail Crompton as an ode to the artist who described the state of being asleep as “paradise.”)


The Word: Throw Shade verb \ˈthrō\\ˈshād\ to express contempt or disrespect for someone publicly, especially by subtle or indirect insults or criticisms
The Goods: TOMS Sunglasses

Because expressing contempt for a rival is all the more impactful when done behind dark glasses – if you’re gonna throw shade, do so with the right shades. TOMS’ handmade sunglasses are 100% UVA/UVB protection and boast robust 5 barrel hinges for sturdiness. But even more out of sight? With every pair purchased, the one-for-one brand will help give sight to a person in need.


The Word: Photobomb verb \ˈfō-tō-ˌbäm\ to move into the frame of a photograph as it is being taken as a joke or prank
The Goods: Polaroid Snap Touch Camera

Because you can’t obnoxiously lurch into the frame of a photo without the proper camera. Save the iPhone for SnapChat and perfect the photobomb with a Polaroid Snap Touch Camera. It allows you to snap, print, and share all of your favorite photos instantly with app-driven creative and Bluetooth connectivity – so you can share just how well you ruined that photo in real time.


The Word: Microbiome noun \ˌmī-krō-ˈbī-ˌōm\ community of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that inhabit a particular environment and especially the collection of microorganisms living in or on the human body
The Goods: Sakara Life Chocolate Probiotics

The microbiome may have been around since before humans were living in caves, but we’re just starting to talk about it – ad nauseam – now. And while we’re talking about gut bliss, there’s no better companion than Sakara’s Chocolate Priobiotics. Each dark chocolate contains 10 billion active bacterial cells to support a healthy and thriving gut, and it contains yacon root for prebiotic fiber to nourish existing gut microbes. That’s something we can fauna all over.


The Word: Weaksauce adjective \ˈwēk\ˈsȯs something inferior, ineffective, or unimpressive :  something weak
The Goods: Sauce and Destroy

When you encounter something that is hands down “double mild weaksauce” (the taste of celery, Donald Trump’s cabinet, fat-free desserts) the only thing to do is counter it with some awesomesauce. Our antidote? #PitchNight find Sauce and Destroy. Their 100% vegan tomato sauce made is made in New York with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar. Definitely not weaksauce.