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Finds That Aren’t Afraid to Say It

How do we put this lightly… oh wait, we don’t have to. These products kick ass, and if you’re the type who likes a little dark humor¬†and no-filter fun, you’re going to love them as much as we do.

Calling Cards & Greeting Cards from Terrapin Stationers

Printed on premium card stock, these classically cool cards of all kinds pack a humorous modern punch that sets them apart. Whether you’re “MARRIED” or a “FEMINIST” (or both) – or you just want to tell someone “You’re the fucking man” or “I fucking love you” – Terrapin puts your not-so-sentimental sentiments in perfect print.

Fuck you, Love Me Pillowcases by Said The King

Hand-printed in Toronto, these versatile cases don’t mince words in the bedroom. Each side of this set of two cases features a different word: “Fuck” and “Love” on one, “Me” and “You” on the other. So whether you’re saying “Fuck You” or “Fuck Me” or “Love You” or “Love Me” – at least you can say it softly (and comfortably).

“I’d Swipe Right” Tray by Rosanna

Flashy gold lettering on this white porcelain tray lets you express your flirty side with a wink – all while holding your keys, jewelry, or just decorating!

Valentine’s Cards by People I’ve Loved

Not everyone’s relationship can be summed up by the standard mass-produced cards you can get in any corner pharmacy… Sometimes you need something a little more pointed and perfect. Using panties, Braille, and a circuitous flow chart – People I’ve Loved lets you tell the people you love how you really feel (while still smirking).

Art Mugs by Third Drawer Down

Whether you’re a morning person or not, these mugs contain just as much attitude as they do coffee or tea. Designed by independent artists, they each provide a steamy sip of unique perspective!