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Find Your Green Thumb with Four Flora-Inspired Gizmos

Whether you have a green thumb or you’re a grass-assassin, there’s no denying that playing in a little dirt brings out your inner kid. In honor of #RememberWhenSTORY, we’re sharing four of our favorite flora-inspired gizmos that put the fun back in getting dirty (dirt not required).

Hello Happy Plants
Each planter is cast with gypsum cement from an original mold and then hand-painted, ensuring that every potter is as awesomely unique as what grows within it. Featuring Surge cans, Tamagotchi, and other ’90s iconography, it’s easy to keep the glory days alive while your ferns thrive.

Fun Fact: Founder Kelsey Ryder’s favorite ’90s trends include Skip-Its, HitClips, Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, only having a few strands of crimped hair while the rest is straight, and toys that you had to help keep alive like Furbys and those “weird” Wuvluv things.

Shibaful iPhone Case
Shibaful’s astroturf-inspired iPhone cases deliver that fresh-cut-lawn-feel even when you’re stuck indoors. Keep your threads pristine while feeling all kinds of calm and om with this fully transportable (and dirt-free) faux sportsfield.

Fun Fact: Shibaful’s favorite ’90s song is Frankie Knuckles’ The Whistle Song.

Wyatt Little Planters
Taking its design cue from a familiar fixture of urban culture (shoes hanging by their laces from power lines), Wyatt Little’s kickin’ planters bring an element of whimsy to these small-patterned pots. Just remember to plant your flora, not your feet.

Bergino Turf Coasters
Being an armchair quarterback is made a whole lot easier when you can rest your beer on some turf-base coasters. Even if your playing days are over, these grass-inspired table-savers put the “fly” in “fly ball.”

Fun Fact: The ’90s trend that Bergino would never want to reappear? Old girlfriends.

Craving a space where the ’90s nostalgia is in full bloom? #RememberWhenSTORY is throwing back to the decade where so much fun is rooted.