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Find Out How LOLA Is Out to Simplify Your Monthly Cycle

Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman don’t shy away from discussing feminine care. A couple of business-savvy women whose relationship dates back to their college days, they created LOLA as a modern alternative to mysterious major tampon brands and drugstore runs. We sat down to dish with them about business, Feminism, and going with the flow.

LOLA is being called a “Modern Approach to Feminine Care”— can you elaborate on what that means?

We think it’s time that women were in charge of feminine care. We created a product we want to use. It has a customizable box, so you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t, a simple and convenient subscription to avoid last minute drug-store runs, and a natural product– because we deserve to know exactly what we’re putting in our bodies

Sounds like a pretty disruptive change.

LOLA is redefining feminine care into something with integrity, transparency, and convenience. No more stale brands, ugly packaging, or mystery ingredients. “Mystery Ingredients” aren’t something I want in my body. Should I be worried? We care about the ingredients in our food, our face cream, even our toothpaste. Why should our tampons be any different? The FDA doesn’t require brands to disclose a comprehensive list of ingredients to consumers, so most of them don’t. Unlike the major tampon brands that don’t disclose their ingredients, we tell you absolutely everything. No BS, no more doubts about what’s going in your body.

So what does LOLA put into its tampons?

LOLA tampons are 100% cotton— which means they’re 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, and 100% easy to feel good about.

That’s a 100% great answer, and a bold business model. You’re a couple of inspiring women, what women have inspired you?

Our moms. They told us: don’t settle, be kind, and always laugh at yourself.

That’s excellent advice. Speaking of advice, do you have any parting words of wisdom for women who may be reading?

Nothing is ever as scary as you think, so do it. Help the women around you. Don’t compromise on your values… and ask what’s in your tampons!