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Gift Wrap It Up in These Festive Trimmings

They say it’s whats on the inside that counts, but nothing says “open me!” like a handcrafted cards or festive trimmings. Here’s a few ideas to make those presents super presentable.

Knot and Bow Trimmings: This #PitchNight discovery piqued our “Pinterest” with its cute and colorful range of twine, parcel tags, and confetti. Products are handmade and have a nostalgic charm that adds a special touch.

Coral and Tusk Paper Goods: These whimsical cards are rich in texture, embroidered with Stephanie Housley’s whimsical woodland creatures. So special, each is like its own gift.

Hebert Candies: Because who doesn’t love unwrapping a bar of extra-rich handcrafted chocolate. For your nice list – these make your gifts look even sweeter.

Scratch Off Greetings Cards: The ticket to surprising someone: a card that reveals a secret greeting. There may not be monetary rewards – but smiles work.

 Tattly Temporary Tattoos: For the golden girl on your list, Tattly’s metallic temporary tattoo set will make her light up – before she even opens the gift.