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Snack Smarter with Farm to People’s ‘Good for You’ Food

Farm to People is on a mission to change what you eat, by making it easy to get your artisan food fix. Founded by serial entrepreneur David Robinov and his son Michael Robinov the digital marketplace sources from producers like family owned and operated farms—which are curated for their focus on maintaining the health of their soil and treating un-caged animals humanely. Part discovery platform for foods you “didn’t know about” part conscious commerce startup, the marketplace is all about connecting you with good eats online—and STORY has brought them offline in a special section of the store that you can see (and taste) for yourself!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in-STORY!

Carr’s Ciderhouse: Cider Vinegar + Cider Syrup

Committed to handcrafting barrel-aged hard ciders and cider-based products on their historic orchard on the northwest slope of Mt. Warner in Massachusetts, this family-run operation boils sweet-yet-tangy syrup from 100% apple cider—with caramelized flavor perfect for everything from waffles and granola to ham and tempeh to cocktails and tea—and formulates a full-bodied, fruity vinegar for glazing.

Simple & Crisp: Dried Blood Orange Crisps

Curated Orchard-to-Table by Chief Paring Purveyor and Company founder Jane Yuan, Simple & Crisp brings the unique seasonal treat of Dried Blood Orange Crisps that are the ideal balance of sweet and tart. Ready to be garnished with chocolate, cheese, salmon, and more—these crisps have as much elevated presentation as vibrant flavor.

Brooklyn Sesame: Halva Spreads

Deconstructing sugar-heavy commercial halva, Brooklyn Sesame founder Shahar Shamir turned an experiment with sesame, pure honey, and raw almonds into the spreadable communal desert that became his trademark.

Ft. Greene Farms: Charred Sriracha

Elevating meals with condiments and relishes jarred for small-batch big flavor, this Brooklyn-based company uses local produce to craft a Sriracha layered with heat, smoky flavor, and unquestionable quality.