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Faribault Woolen Mill Co.’s Enduring Excellence

Dear Faribault Woolen Mill Co.,

You’ve been bringing rich history and heritage Home for the Holidays since 2014 (which is a relatively short interlude in the legacy of your more than 150-year-old mill), but just like your fifth-generation craftspeople, our relationship only gets better with time. Nestled along the Cannon River in Minnesota since 1892, your vertical woolen mill is one of the last in America, combining irreplaceable century-old machinery with modern innovations to turn raw wool into throws, scarves, and accessories that stand the test of time (and touch!).

A testament to the enduring aesthetic that has become your trademark and the remarkable¬†spirit of American craftsmanship, your woolen goods warm our hearts with inspiration while they warm the rest of us with intricately-woven fibers in arresting vintage patterns. In a season of tradition and making memories, you’ve created an heirloom-quality embodiment of both. Here’s to another year of holiday cheer together . . . and maybe 150 more!