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3 Extreme Tech Products Pushing the Boundaries of Style

If the line between fashion and function is getting tough to see, it’s nearly invisible when you venture into more extreme territory (like where there’s no cell service.) Think: off the beaten path, on the water, out of bounds. More than other categories, performance-driven apparel and accessories needs to be built tough and designed to meet a critical need – from insulting to storage. Otherwise, why lug it around? With that in mind, discover the #STYLETECH makers who are integrating technology to push the bounds of fashion so that you can push harder and go farther without missing a beat (or losing your sunglasses.)

Dragon Alliance: Looking at eyewear from an extreme sports-informed perspective, Dragon Alliance engineered the first collection of sunglasses that float thanks to a specially formulated injected frame. Super lightweight frames also feature proprietary polarization, nylon lenses, and water resistant coating for maximum durability – so in this case, there’s no such thing as break point.

JammyPack: Party on and on with supremely portable speakers that are designed to pack in efficient audio technology with the rest of your on-the-go essentials. From backpacks to its signature printed waist packs, the accessory range integrates high-performance, water-resistant open source mini speakers, enabling you to jam out-and-about.

Nocturnal Workshop: Reflective backpacks reflect a design perspective that is as much about function as it is about style. It’s essentially a clean and modern silhouette but when the light hits it, 3M technology shines as a practical tool for night owls.