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Meet the Originals Behind The Snoopy Global Artist Collective’s Out of the Box Murals

The Peanuts Global Artist Collective was founded to take the classic comic strip off the page and into the collective imagination of a new audience through public artworks in seven cities around the world. These seven artists were tapped to bring Charles M. Schulz’s characters to life on a global scale with a series of large-scale murals.  Now, we’ve worked alongside the Collective to create a series of limited-edition collaborations that re-imagine their artwors in original ways (think wearable art, edible art, even skate-able art).

Oh, and did we mentioned you can spot their murals around New York’s historic Hudson Square neighborhood, just a short walk away from STORY? You can. We’ll drop some hints on how to find them.

Swedish-born, Paris-raised artist and entrepreneur André Saraiva made his first mark on the world with street art, tagging the walls of his neighborhood under his now-iconic graffiti alter ego Mr. A.

Key collab: Away Dopp kit, featuring exclusive embroidery from a local Maker

How to spot this original IRL: Look for André’s distinctive, big-grinning Mr. A, he’s in need of advice and he’s getting it from Snoopy himself.

Nina Chanel Abney self-describes her work as “easy to swallow, hard to digest.” Known for vibrant colors and unapologetic scale, she explores race, gender, pop culture, and politics through non-linear narratives, inviting the audience to draw their own conclusions.

Key collab: The most covetable Off Duty denim jacket, ever. But we love her artwork on this Herschel tote and Champion sweatshirt too!

How to spot this original IRL:Find the corner of bold color and sharp geometric style, then (kick) flip itNina took Snoopy and Woodstock and got them in shape to skate.

East meets West in the visual language of Tomokazu Matsuyama, who draws on his bicultural upbringing and counts art from the Meiji era Japan, classical Greek statuary, and French Renaissance painting as major influences.

Key collab: A super sweet and giftable Sugarfina bento box

How to spot this original IRL:Brush up on your art history knowledge, ’cause Tomokazu taught Snoopy a thing or two and now he’s practicing avant-garde portraiture with Woodstock.

A savvy re-mixer of American pop culture, Kenny Scharf rose to notoriety as part ‘80s East Village art scene with a retro-futuristic style that has endured long after he ditched NYC for sunny Southern California.

Key collab: An exclusive customized luxury watch with Bamford Watch Department that proves street art style is timeless.

How to spot this original IRL: Look for Charlie Brown and the Gang getting groovy in Kenny’s trippy re-interpretation.

Post-conceptual artist Rob Pruitt has loved the Peanuts since he was a kid—and even practiced drawing by tracing Charles Schulz’s comic strips. Today, Rob primarily works in painting, sculpture and installations, though he doesn’t stay tied to a single medium or style.

Key collab: Playfully patterned Stance socks that prove being serious is seriously over-rated.

How to spot this original IRL:Keep your eye out for Rob’s instantly recognizable Panda character, word on the street is he’s been hanging out with Snoopy.

Los Angeles-based FriendsWithYou is a collaboration between Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, working collectively since 2002 to connect viewers through communal experiences and spread positive messages magic, luck and friendship.

Key collab: A screen printed K-WAY jacket because…happy clouds

How to spot this original IRL:Go ahead and walk around with your head in the clouds. FriendsWithYou gave Charlie Brown an uplifting update with their signature happy cloud motif.

AVAF (or Assume Vivid Astro Focus, if you want to be formal) combines pop culture and political references with a decidedly hedonistic spirit. Led by Brazilian-born Eli Sudbrack, AVAF applies its mash-up style to a variety of of media including painting, video, sculpture, and even stickers.

Key collab: Corksicle’s pop art water bottle but let’s be real…it’s all pretty sweet.

How to spot this original IRL:Seek out Snoopy, he’s been imagined in his most elemental form in AVAF’s energetic clash of colors.