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Everything We’d Ask Katie Sturino If We Happened To Be Seated Next To Her At A Dinner Party

Katie Sturino is a style icon, dog “momager,” entrepreneur and most importantly, our friend and neighbor here in Chelsea. The founder of The 12ish Style and Megababe answered our rapid-fire Q & A—see what she has to say about getting out of your style comfort zone, her favorite holiday dessert.

1. First place you go when you’re in NYC? My house! I live here:)

2. Fact we can’t find out about you on the Internet? Live music in a small venue makes me uncomfortable…like getting serenaded is one of my nightmares.

3. Favorite holiday tradition? Eating as many Christmas cookies as possible while showering as few times as possible during the days leading up to xmas!

4. Best gift you’ve ever been given? My Apple ear pods. I use them all day, every day and cannot talk on the phone without them.

5. Go-to ‘kids are stuck in the house with nothing to-do’ activity? Sounds like a cue for ME to leave the house! lol.

6. Ok, the gift you’ve always been embarrassed to ask for? I would love to go to Spy School for amateurs if there was such a thing…

7. Holiday cookie (dessert) of choice? Snow balls!

8. Restaurant more people should know about? I am the worst at this but I do think that Pepe Gialo is a delicious neighborhood spot!

9. Holiday survival tip? Hide and hang out with people who make you laugh!

10. 12ish Style holiday fashion hack? Don’t wear something that is totally out of your style comfort zone to a party. You will end up feeling weird the whole time. Instead, try to find easy ways to bring holiday style elements into your normal way of dressing up!

11. What do you do to treat your little ones for the holidays (four legged ones)? I treat them with velvet bow ties and snuggling by the fire!