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Everything We’d Ask Eva Chen If We Happened To Be Seated Next To Her At A Dinner Party

Eva joined us for a book signing on December 6th and we have copies of her signed new children’s book Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes!

First place you go when you’re in NYC:

Well, besides home, probably to the Green Market for apples.

Fact we can’t find out about you on the Internet?

I can’t sing. The reason you’ll never know this is because I never post myself singing. I’d crack all the screens simultaneously around the world with my bad voice.

Favorite holiday tradition?

My husband is English, so their tradition of holiday party crackers (the ones with the little favors in them).

Best gift you’ve ever been given?

My children, even though my under eye bags suggest otherwise.

Go-to ‘kids are stuck in the house with nothing to-do’ activity?

I have tiny canvases that they paint for presents for family… and then they destroy our apartment.

Ok, the gift you’ve always been embarrassed to ask for?

Solitude. Whenever someone asks me what I want, I just say I want 1 hour of complete solitude.

Holiday cookie (dessert) of choice?


Restaurant more people should know about?

I love Sobaya in the East Village! Delicious, delicious noodles. Perfect for a NYC winter.

Holiday survival tip?

Order your holiday cards in September and commit to finishing them by Thanksgiving.

What’s your wish for the holiday season?

For the incessant anger on the news and espoused by our government to give way to peace and solutions.

We heard you just wrote a book, what’s the ‘six word summary’ so we can tell everyone we know about it!

Fashion-feminist fairytale for future leaders.

What’s one thing you learned while writing your book that you didn’t know before?

How hard it is to write a children’s book! Every word counts.

To wrap up, who’s your new book a great gift for…

And boys too, because young boys need to be surrounded by strong women from their childhood.