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CraftJam: Block Printing Valentine’s Cards

Date(s) - Feb 13
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Are you ready to design some prints? Block printing is a fun way to create cards and paper goods with cool patterns to layered illustrations. In this pre-Valentine’s Day CraftJam you get to draw and hand carve your own design and print it on a card set. We will have all the supplies and plenty of inspiration ready for you to start making!

We have all the tools you need, including Speedball Speedy Carve blocks and carving tools, as well as ink pads in multiple colors and cards and envelopes to take home.


A place where creativity is available to all. Classes cover different projects, tools, and materials,  but each ends with you taking home a finished piece, top-notch know-how, and the drive to keep your craft going strong. Hands-on lessons and seasonal calendar cater to any level and any schedule.


This event has closed.