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Ellevest Engages Women to Close the Gender Investment Gap

It’s an exciting time to be a woman in business. Female entrepreneurs are commanding disruptive startups, female CEOs are beating out boys club boardrooms, and millions of women in the United States contribute to a workforce that thinks more about equity and inclusiveness than ever before—but even as barriers are brought down and glass ceilings are shattered, there is still work to be done.

Women continue to strive for equal pay for equal work, as well as proportionate leadership representation in both the business and political realms. Making progress in these spheres is a major topic of discussion amongst thought leaders, but Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck identified an aspect of the discourse that has been consistently overlooked: The Gender Investment Gap.

Krawcheck identifies The Gender Investment Gap as the tendency for women to develop lucrative investment accounts in measurably smaller numbers than men. This can likely be attributed to financial factors that limit women’s income to 79% of men’s on average, tired conventional wisdom based in prejudicial beliefs that women are less naturally inclined to succeed in business or mathematics, and the lack of specifically-tailored tools that serve the needs of investment-oriented women.

As a living example of how women can become business and investment power players, Krawcheck set out to create a platform that was different, smart, and respected women’s time and intelligence. Ellevest reimagines investing specifically for women, factoring their needs into a system that makes their money work harder toward starting businesses, buying dream homes, taking care of their families, and realizing big life goals.

With expert content curated to speak to the experience of women alongside investment tools that factor in planning for career gaps or income inequality, Ellevest is the investment platform that makes no apologies about being for women by women. Its goal is to close the Gender Investment Gap by providing women with the platform they need to leverage their finances toward building full, interesting, awesome lives for themselves—and if Krawcheck’s record of success is any indication, The Gender Investment Gap’s days are numbered.

Ellevest is slated to launch later in 2016, but you can get VIP access to its resources on its website.