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VDay Gift Picks

“Default” . . . “Standard” . . . “Run-of-the-mill”

These are not the terms you want your Valentine to use to describe your gift. Put some more exciting words on the tip of their tongue with this upgraded gift guide for making this Valentine’s Day memorable!

“Sweet!” – Be Mine Valentine Candy Bento Box from Sugarfina

You can pick up a generic heart-shaped box of chocolates at any corner pharmacy, but if you want some sweets that can’t be beat, Sugarfina has packed their expertly-crafted gourmet candies for adults into a cheeky holiday bento box. Say “kiss me” with Sweet & Sour Sugar Lips, “Love you a bunch” with rosette-shaped gummies made with Whispering Angel Rosé, and express “True Love” with Fuji Apple Caramels coated in white chocolate.

“LOL!” – Fuck, You Love Me Pillowcases by Said the King

Sure, you could get one of those ridiculously giant teddy bears from the infomercials, OR you could give something soft that has something to say. Equal parts snarky, sweet, and versatile, these pillowcases hand-printed in Toronto can be arranged into four phrases that really cut to the phrase: “Fuck You”, “Fuck Me”, “Love You”, and “Love Me”!

“Woof!” – Organic Dog Treats by Leela Ryan

So maybe your Valentine is a little . . . furrier than most. They still deserve a sweet celebration! All natural, 100% USDA sourced and made – These dog treats come in decadent flavors like Wild Berry Scone, Tartes Aux Pommes, and Banana Pudding that are guaranteed to get the love of your life’s tail wagging!