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Electric Objects Makes Art Accessible

Dear Electric Objects,

We were delighted to learn that you <3 art too! Ever since we caught a glimpse of your EO2’s glare-minimizing 1080p HD display, we’ve been captivated by what you bring into our space. But you’re not just a pretty display… it took some disruptive minds to think up a way of reinventing how people connect with the art that moves them.


Leveraging tech to deliver a deeper, more frequent, more intimate connection between artist, artwork, and fan – you bring art into our homes at the click of the button.  In this way, you’re not just enlightening and brightening our lives with curated collections of hand-picked art, you’re empowering us to explore the art world in ways that were never possible before. We’re thrilled about the Art Club membership that you offer, and we’re thrilled you’re here to unlock the potential of our walls with perfectly-rendered works that inspire real wonder. We don’t think it’s too early to say: this relationship is feels like a real masterpiece!