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[EAT] Four Local Food Trucks Lapping the Competition in Flavor and Fun

When it comes to taste from a truck, New York City is a foodie proving ground. Racing to reach hungry customers with discerning palates, a food truck’s survival in this city depends on bringing something special to the table (or, in this case, curb). Grabbing your lunch from a kitchen on wheels? Check out these four mouth-watering winners with eats that can’t be beat.

Truck: Calexico
Finished 1st Place in: Breaking Down Borders
Food: Naming their truck after their border-fence-split hometown of Calexico, two brothers sought to re-create the cuisine of their hometown. Chicken wings, Brussels sprouts, and fries collide with rolled quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and more in a spicy, pickled, roasted, explosive example of flavor and culture.
Winning Edge: Calexico is uniquely capable of combining the new and the traditional, keeping its finger on the pulse of New York’s evolving tastes while remaining committed to the hometown tradition of its original concept.

Truck: Snowday
Finished 1st Place in: Sweet Justice
Food: Using seasonal and sustainably sourced local ingredients, Snowday creates delectable comfort food like pancake poppers and grilled cheese sandwiches that all feature farm-to-truck maple syrup.
Winning Edge: Snowday doesn’t just taste good, it does good. Working with Drive Change NYC, it employs young people returning home from jail or prison, assisting them in getting preferred employment and educational opportunities.

Truck: Neapolitan Express
Finished 1st Place in: Iconic Innovation
Food: New York pizza is so ubiquitous and iconic, you need to make something truly special to get a slice of the pizza-seeking public pie, and that is exactly what Neapolitan has accomplished. Leveraging the experience of master pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani, using locally-sourced produce, and incorporating gourmet ingredients like Mike’s Hot Honey and white truffle oil – They serve unforgettable pizza.
Winning Edge: Neapolitan Express could get by on flavor alone, but they’re also committed to a cleaner, greener planet. Each truck is powered by clean-energy fuels that reduce emissions by 95%, and uses an innovative electric oven that doesn’t just burn clean – it serves up fresh pizza in sixty seconds.

Truck: Korilla BBQ
Finished 1st Place in: Fusion Inspiration
Food: Korilla is re-contextualizing Korean barbeque, taking delectable essentials like bulgogi and kimchi and delivering them in burritos, tacos, and rice bowls. This flavorful format deepens eaters’ experience of every aspect of the different cuisines sampled to create a must-have hybrid where every bite is fiercely unique.
Winning Edge: There’s nothing else like Korilla out there, and even while they succeed in this bold culinary experiment, they remain committed to using only healthy, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients.