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Doodle Pants’ Adorable Originality

Dear Doodle Pants,

It’s obvious that your CEO (and chief mom) Lorain Herder knows what parents want when it comes to dressing their cuties. Dressing little ones can turn into a big job, but instead of throwing a tantrum, you created your own solution: adorably original wearables with cozy cotton construction, reinforced seams, and a generous rear-end cut for diaper-clad baby butts. Adorned with goofy monsters and holiday cheer, your pants turn heads on playdates, giving kids the comfort they need to have fun and enjoy those magical early years, while helping parents rest assured. Even more magical? A percentage of every sale goes to supporting kids in need, so you spread the spirit with every endearing pair of pants. You made our “Nice List,” Doodle Pants, and we’re so happy you decided to come Home for the Holidays.