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Don’t Sweat It: Lusomé Fosters Femininity with Innovative Fabric

80% of all women face night sweats at some point in their life. Night sweats and hot flashes occur for various reasons—postpartum, chemotherapy, thyroid issues, menopause—and can fundamentally affect women’s perception of their femininity, frequently when they need it most.

Lara Smith experienced these health issues within her circle of family and friends, most urgently as her sister battled breast cancer and the uncomfortable long-term side effects associated with her treatment. Smith scoured North America and Europe for a sleepwear brand that combined the beautiful style, comfort, and moisture-wicking technology that would meet the needs of women dealing with excessive moisture and heat.

She found several moisture-wicking brands, but many were using 100% polyester and chemical finishing processes, or did not embody the alluring and beautiful range of styles that her 20 years in the women’s fashion industry had conditioned her to expect. Since her emphasis in the fashion industry was in textile sourcing and innovation, Smith took finding an empowering solution into her own hands, going to work at uncovering technology that would perform in the exquisite fabrics she envisioned.

The solution she discovered was dryLon™, a moisture management fabric technology now exclusive to Lusomé. To achieve rapid one-way moisture movement away from the skin surface, dryLon™ utilizes a unique capillary fibre structure. Hydrophobic fibres are layered closest to the skin, and have a rapid pull effect that draws moisture into the fabric construction. Once the moisture is absorbed from the body into the fabric, hydrophilic fibres conduct and spread the moisture over the surface of the garment, where air allows for rapid evaporation. This dryLon™ system, only available through Lusomé, has been proven to work up to five times faster than competing moisture-wicking brands in controlled laboratory tests.

Demonstrably functional, Lusomé is dedicated to making its revolutionary technology as luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful as it is practical. Lusomé is an ancient Scottish term that means “Desirable”—and while dryLon™ uses science to keep women comfortable, the sleepwear’s attractive and simple styles that flatter every body empower wearers to retain their natural elegance.

Try on Lusomé in the “For Women by Women” section of F-Word STORY: It’s functional, fabulous, and fundamentally feminine.