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[DO]Hear Gotham Girl Joanne Wilson Share Her STORY

Entrepreneur, wife, blogger, mom, advisor, investor…Joanne Wilson’s titles are as multi-dimensional and ever-changing as her story. As the woman behind Gotham Gal, the co-founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival, and an angel investor in a number of start-ups, she’s become an advocate for female entrepreneurship and women-led businesses. Her motto: Get up every morning and do what you love.

For Her STORY, Joanne shared Food52, the food-focused digital community co-founded by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs. As a pair of passionate food lovers, Amanda and Merrill get up every morning to share genius recipes, inspiring content, and tasteful finds.  “Food52 is an inspiring example of why women -run business is beautiful,” Joanne said. “I support women with the hopes of changing the ration in all businesses.”

Have questions for Joanne?  Hear her tell Her STORY #INHEROWNWORDS Monday May 4th when she joins us to discuss female entrepreneurship in conversation with STORY founder Rachel Shechtman. The open format discussion will kick off with a short interview, followed by questions.

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