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Do You Know What's Good for the Planet?

Discover the world of potential in goods that pay it forward to the planet – whether preserving for tomorrow to organizing cleanups for today.

United By Blue:

This outdoorsy brand does what comes natural and focuses its effort on impacting ocean and waterway pollution. For every product sold it pledges to remove 1-lb of trash from local waterways through community organized cleanups. So far, they’ve hosted 100 cleanups and removed over 170,000 pounds of trash from rivers, streams, creeks, and beaches across 21 US states.

Revisit Products:

Luxury leather goods carry on a mission to preserve our vanishing National Parks, with 25% of sales going directly to support park projects. With each elegantly appointed piece crafted with the same natural beauty and heritage that informs the brand’s mission, each makes a case (or bag) for respecting the past, preserving the future.