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[DO] Wear Your Art on Your Sleeve with Diet Coke and Bow and Drape

Like that perfect pair of jeans, when you love Diet Coke, it sort of goes with everything. Ready to wear your heart (and your art) on your sleeve? This Fashion Week, Diet Coke has teamed up with Donald to create a limited-edition tee featuring an emoji produced by our favorite custom-everything brand, Bow + Drape.

The heart shaped emoji patch has been designed by Donald and is embroidered with the exclusive NYFW lip print on his Donald + Diet Coke bottle.

Want yours? Step on up to our Selfie station and model your bottle. When you share a photo on Instagram and tag @DietCoke with the hashtag #FollowYourArt you’ll get your own Donald + Diet Coke tee.

Love, it looks really good on you.