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[DO] The YR Store DIY Style Studio That Lets You Print You

Launched in 2013, YR combines exclusive design software, innovative touchscreen interfaces, and cutting edge dry-ink printing technology to put fully-customizable print fashion at customers’ fingertips.

For Have Fun STORY, YR has partnered with Pepsi to empower customers to #SpeakEmoji with bespoke graphic tees, crop tops, and iPhone cases that are personalized and delivered in-store in minutes. The process starts at the interactive touchscreens customers use to design their desired look. Using Pepsi’s refreshingly new library of #Pepsimoji, customers can create a completely unique look that fits their style and personality.

After the design is perfected, customers can choose to stay and watch the state-of-the-art printing process or shop around the rest of Have Fun’s curated experience – But only for a few minutes, which is all it takes to deliver a finished product.

YR is fresh from collaborations with Nike, Google, Macy’s, and many more. These partnerships, and their incredible integration of #Pepsimoji at STORY, are enough to definitively prove how instantly fun it is to use their system.

Come visit us and see for yourself. The proof is in the printing!