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[DO] Celebrate Brit + Co Founder’s New Book

You might recognize her from the top of that website you scour for daily DIY inspiration or from the cover of her new book. Whichever, Brit + Co founder, Brit Morin has made a name for herself by knowing how to do just about everything herself. DIY-ing to know how she does it all? Of course, you are!

Because knowledge makes all the difference, Brit has just released Homemakers, a resource guide for the modern maker. Packed with tips, tricks, and tutorials from Brit, it’s sort of an encyclopedia of inspiration and a good reference for letting your inner creative out to play. In celebration of all this innovation, we’ve invited Brit to join us on Tuesday March 10th to talk Homemakers and sign copies of her new book! Literally, DIY-ing.

Tuesday March 10; 6-8pm