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[DO] Meet Grace Choi, the Woman Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

What if your perfect shade of red lipstick was the one you made up? Grace Choi is out to make that a reality with Mink, your personal 3D printer for makeup. Born out of a frustration with a lack of diversity in the cosmetics industry, Grace created Mink as a means of empowering women everywhere to own their own definition of what’s beautiful – whether its neon yellow or pastel pink.

As she explains, “Mink gives you the power to have what you want, when you want it – it’s no longer up to the companies to decide or anyone else for that matter – it’s now up to you.”

Pretty revolutionary, right? Discover how this technology might just make over the beauty industry Saturday, April 4 from 12-4pm when Grace joins us for a 3D printing workshop. Grace will be printing make up on site and showing you how to color outside the lip lines.