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Disruptive Gadgets We Love

Get with the program: emerging technologies are empowering consumers to learn, create, and enjoy in ways that even a few years ago would have seemed like science fiction. Sharp ideas from the cutting edge of innovation, these gadgets aren’t just simple playthings – but they are changing the game.

SMARTvr Pocket Smartphone VR Viewer by DODOcase

This premium, portable smartphone viewer makes and immersive virtual reality experience as accessible as you pocket. Crafted with cast aluminum and ballistic Nylon for maximum sturdiness, this viewer has nothing in common with a cardboard box, and it’s compatible with numerous 360° video apps that empower you to drop yourself into sports highlights, live concerts, breaking news, video games, social media posts, adventurous trips, family events, awards shows, virtual tours, educational courses, movie trailers, and more!

SPRK+ by Sphero

This round little robot is an innovative step in how adorable gadgets can get… but that’s just the beginning. Designed to inspire connective play and coding, SPRK+ is powered by the Lightening Lab app where users can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share creations with the community. There’s no way to have more fun while staying on the ball when it comes to STEAM skills.

3Doodler Create

This compact and easy-to-use 3D-Printing pen is capable of extruding heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a stable structure,  making 3D-printing more accessible for makers, hobbyists, and professionals everywhere! A versatile tool for bringing imagination off the page and off the screen, the only real question with this gadget is #WhatWillYouCreate?