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[DISCOVER] How Pepsi Emojis Say More in the Language of Today

The world’s two billion smartphone users send over six billion emojis daily. Transcending linguistic barriers across countries, emojis are revolutionizing how people digitally communicate.

Expanding emojional reach beyond the screen, Pepsi has released a new library of more than 200 signature global and local emojis called PepsiMojis. “We’re seeing it more and more – emojis are becoming one of the most preferred, and fun, communication tools for millennials. People love sharing special moments together and we hope our new PepsiMoji collection will encourage our fans to have fun together.” said Chad Stubbs, VP of Marketing at PepsiCo.

No matter where you are or what you’re feeling, emojis express everything. They’re the universal language of fun, and Pepsi is putting them everywhere – Not just smartphone text bubbles.

Have something to say? STORY has partnered with Pepsi to bring you Have Fun STORY, a celebration of the fun new ways emojis express our feelings and tell our stories. So stop by and tell us your story (just be sure to #SpeakEmoji).