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Digital Disobedience: A Virtual Conversation with Edward Snowden and Jaron Lanier

As dramatized in USA’s Mr. Robot, we live in a world where a few keystrokes can alter the course of a generation. This reality creates ambiguities and paradoxes, it creates opportunities and pitfalls, and it creates a series of questions that must be answered as our society adapts.

In an unprecedented virtual discussion utilizing Beambot telepresence, Join #DisruptSTORY for an exploration of the challenges and opportunities of the digital revolution featuring NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and celebrated computer scientist and author Jaron Lanier.

Following the virtual conversation, Snowden will be presented with TDIA’s Thoreau Prize for Public Service and Civil Disobedience, and a panel of in-person experts featuring Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards founder Craig Hatkoff and Rabbi Irwin Kula will delve into the moral ambiguity of civil disobedience.

How might digital disobedience differ from traditional civil disobedience? Join us to explore the implications and politics of hacking, personal security, and the actions of hactivists like Snowden.

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