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Designer Jason Bell Shares the Inside Story of Our Holiday Home

For the past 3 years interior designer Jason Bell and his team have taken on the task of transforming our shop into a “Home for the Holidays.”  For this iteration the challenge was to rethink the space as a retreat for hectic holiday shoppers while maximizing the square footage. Here Jason shares how his team went from inspiration to opening day and brought a cozy cabin to Chelsea.

What was the goal with the design? 

We set our to create atmosphere in all areas of the store and make the space feel lighter and brighter without losing the cozy factor. We started with an image of Aerin Lauder’s Aspen ski house and took individual inspiration from the finishes we found: the stone wallpaper, the fireplace from HearthCabinet Decorative Fireplaces, and fur trims from Threshold. These pieces guided us to additional touches like the antler chandeliers and mirrored accents from Nate Berkus.

What were key elements of the layout? 

The wooden truss system was key to set the retreat-like tone in the entry. The whitewashed wood and light stone wallpapers were huge factors in adding texture and achieving a light, airy feel.  And we used the soaking tub in the women’s section to make the bedroom feel like a luxurious suite.

STORY is constantly changing its interior, how can someone do this in their own home? 

 You should never be afraid to try an idea: start with a plan and test samples before committing to the entire project. Most importantly always remember that there are more than one ways to do something, so don’t be afraid to try tweaking things before its finished. And if you don’t like it enough to live with it, that’s what the return policy is for.