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Design Trends From the West

This Home for the Holidays, our interior designer and creative director Jason Bell was inspired by midcentury modern southwestern architecture. Think: Sprawling Arizona desert meets Frank Lloyd Wright-esque form and function. So naturally, a few left coast home decor designers were the perfect addition to our holiday home. From the clean lines and colors that evoke the midcentury modern movement, to rustic heirloom pieces, these west coast finds are must-have decorative touches for any home.

Gary Bodker Designs
Combining the delicate sloping forms of traditional glassblowing with the clean lines and colors that evoke the mid-century modern movement, Portland-based craftsman Gary Bodker draws from years of experience to create timeless, elegant glass pieces that accentuate any room’s aesthetic.

Melanie Abrantes
Never afraid to get her hands dirty in order to create something beautiful, Oakland-based producer Melanie Abrantes uses the traditional technique of lathing to reveal one-of-a-kind heirloom plates, bowls, vases, and more from within simple pieces of solid wood cork – lending character and a little life to any corner or countertop that needs it.