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Darcy Miller Book Signing

This Sunday, December 11, 11AM – 1PM, Darcy Miller joins STORY to greet fans and sign copies of her latest book, Celebrate Everything! (And Pssst, calligrapher Miran Kim of Prelude Paperie will also be joining us to provide personalized inscriptions – the perfect holiday gift!)

For over 25 years, Miller has cultivated and created inspiration and ideas for all things celebratory. Her latest book is the ultimate guide to making special occasions unforgettable, with hundreds of chic and cheerful ideas for ways to make celebration personal.We chatted with the legendary hostess about her new book, what to consider when throwing an impromptu gathering, and gift-giving etiquette. We couldn’t be happier to have her Home for the Holidays!

You’ve been working in creating memorable experiences for over 20 years. How did you know the time was right to finally put together Celebrate Everything!?
I’ve planned so many parties over the years and I’ve always wanted to put them together in a book to share not just the ideas and inspiration, but all the incredible sources and talented people that I’ve gotten the chance to work with. I’ve also always wanted to illustrate another book, so this was the perfect opportunity!

If you’re planning to entertain at the last minute, what is the most crucial element to consider? What are some details that can be overlooked?
A last minute celebration can be just as fun as one planned for weeks on end. Keep the vibe of the party you want to throw as well as the occasion or person you are celebrating in mind. If you have one really special personal element or one thing that you’ve made your own, like a specialty drink with a fun name or a playlist it will make it more personal no matter how long you’ve had to plan it.

At the end of the day, the party is about the people who you are celebrating with. If you’re with people you love and have fun with, then the rest will fall into place. Store-bought snacks or even main dishes if you’re hosting a dinner party served on your own china and one simple décor element without having to go all out are totally fine if you’ve invited guests who will make the party a real celebration. Especially with last minute parties in a busy time of year like the holiday season, I always say to invite more people than you plan on being there. People have a lot of plans this time of year. Also, don’t forget to send a reminder email day of!

What is the first thing to consider when giving a host or hostess gift?
As simple as it may seem, the first thing to consider is who you are giving the gift to. What are they like and what do they like? It can be a small token and doesn’t need to be expensive—if it’s thoughtful and fits the host or hostess, then it will be appreciated. Don’t bring a bottle of wine to the friend who doesn’t drink—instead think about what they do like to indulge in and see if you can’t bring something that fits in with that instead. If you’re really crunched for time and are dashing to a party from the office, think about the theme of the party. Why not pick up 17 lotto tickets or a Starbucks giftcard for 17 cups of coffee for a 2017 New Year’s party?

What are some of your favorite Home for the Holidays picks at STORY?
I always have trouble picking just one thing out at STORY—every time I go there, there are so many new and different things to love and so many different kinds of things for different kinds of friends. I also love that it’s always new all the time. If I had to pick, I love the “Mix Things Up” products—little things like this can either be used as favors or during your party to add something extra.

What is one thing we can’t find out about googling?
It always surprises people to hear that as much as I love celebrating and planning parties for others, I actually really don’t like parties for myself—when I was a little girl, I used to hide under the table when my mom brought out my birthday cake!

Favorite spot in NYC?
Of course, my favorite place is home. As they say, there’s no place like home! But, an early morning trip to the flower market is always inspiring!