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Currently Craving…June Oven!

With so much occupying our mental space in today’s attention-grabbing world, why add mealtime stress to the list? It’s for this reason (and about a dozen others) that we’ve fallen hard for the June Intelligent Oven, an intuitive appliance that does the cooking for you.

June takes the guesswork out of the preparation process (and tells you when it’s time to eat), so you can be a total couch potato while you roast a chicken. Seriously. All you need are ingredients and the companion app and you’re ready to go; June does everything else. As the culinary output of former Apple engineer Nikhil Bhogal and Lyft co-founder Matt Van Horn, this countertop oven-of-the-future is the definition of high-tech.

So how does June smartly fend off hanger? To begin with, it’s loaded with six carbon fiber heating elements, which means it’s piping hot in just three seconds. But the real wizardry lies in a built-in digital scale, a fog-resistent HD camera and a precision thermometer.

Take a steak, for example: the cut is weighed and recognized—is it a ribeye, tenderloin or T-bone?—and you’re asked how you like it cooked. Once that’s sorted, the thermometer ensures it’s done to perfection. Through the iOS app you can monitor things from your phone (or you can just use it to make a fun time-lapse video) and sit back until you receive a notification that it’s ready.

Another reason we love June is that it also looks good when not in use. The touchscreen display doesn’t come on until needed so there’s no annoying neon light, and the stainless steel knob is modeled after those found on high-end audio systems. It’s a timeless design that can easily be carried into the future since the software that makes June an intelligent oven updates automatically.

Even if we’re grilling grasshoppers come 2050, June will know exactly what to do.