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Currently Craving…Golde Premium Turmeric

Like rays of sunlight beautifully packed in powdered form, GOLDE is an Ayurvedic wellness mix that harnesses the natural healing powers of organic turmeric. An anti-inflammatory plant known to soothe muscles, enhance your mood and give skin a radiant boost (among other benefits), turmeric will have you glowing from the inside out when consumed on a daily basis. You’ll feel bouncier than ever without the worry of a caffeine crash!

GOLDE’s 100% vegan, sugar-free blend ups the ante on consuming turmeric by itself. The Brooklyn-based collective behind the ready-to-mix formula combines the spice with ingredients that help the body more easily absorb it: powdered coconut milk, ginger and black pepper aid in breaking down curcumin (the amazing health compound found in turmeric). Not to mention it makes for a zesty punch when added to honeyed oats or warm milk.

With salubrious summertime recipes—like an iced latte or chilled soup—GOLDE is easy to enjoy any time of year. You can throw it anything, creativity is encouraged! (And after a few weeks of taking it, you’re likely to feel even more inspired. Isn’t health awesome?!)

We’re loving GOLDE and think you will too—stop by to pick up a pack or two at Fresh STORY!