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Coral & Tusk’s Lovely Linens

Dear Coral & Tusk,

We can’t wait to open up another chapter in our ongoing linen love story. Each year, your Brooklyn-based founders Stephanie Housley and Chris Lacinak dazzle us with show-stopping embroidery that blurs whimsy with fine elegance. From tea towels to pillows, wine totes to greeting cards, your uncompromising devotion to quality textile craft shows in every stitch. And your stockings? Even un-stuffed, they’re a gift unto themselves. Your attention to detail gives your pieces an heirloom quality – the closer we get to them, the more we discover. Our favorite? The adorable polyfil-stuffed pals we found poking out of your pocket pillows! Full of surprises and built to last, you enliven the everyday, which is why you’re always with us when we go Home for the Holidays. Here’s to another year of whimsical (and stitched) cheer!