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COOL: Three Disruptive Developments for Kids to Kick it and Create

Being a parent means being prepared for disruption, whether it comes in the form of exciting new tools and toys to help kids play while they learn – or an impromptu dance break with an energetic little one. Read on for a quick list of techie can’t-misses for cuties.

The Untangled Pro by LilGadgets
These cord-free Bluetooth headphones keep kids from getting caught and knotted, and their 93db limited volume protects young ears from hearing damage. With a 13db passive noise reduction Built-in 360 degree microphone, they’re just as good for tuning out when it’s time to turn down as they are for tuning in when it’s time to turn up the fun!

POP Shoes
Light-up shoes are simply fun, and POP Shoes are the innovative next generation of that classic concept. Available in colorful kid-pleasing styles, these sneaks are too exciting to be sneaky! The long-lasting rechargeable LEDs embedded in the soles shine, blink, or turn on and off with ease.

The DIY Gamer Kit by Technology Will Save Us
Technology Will Save Us believes that kids learn by doing, and that by giving them the tools to make, create, and play with tech – they will invent our future while having fun. In this challenging kit for budding makers and coders, kids can solder real electrical components under detailed online and offline instruction, building a code-able Gamer that they can program to play their way.