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COOL: The Disruptive Design Story Behind HCWD Studio

Founded on the desire to disrupt the user experience we have with daily objects, HCWD Studio works at the intersection between functionality and sensibility. Its founders, Hsin-Chun Wang and Ye Liu, channel their passion for challenging design ideas into their work.

HCWD Studio‘s first projects were one-of-a-kind conceptual furniture pieces that were showcased at galleries and design shows in NYC, but Wang and Liu wanted to make their vision more accessible to a larger audience. This drive led to the Brick Lamp, and the Kickstarter campaign that launched it.

“Doing a conceptual project is fun, but it’s away from people’s everyday life”

The Brick Lamp concept connected with numerous backers, surpassing its $22K goal to go into production and become a reality. Capturing a moment of light, concealing and revealing, this unique design piece disrupts the routine experience of flipping a switch – illuminating a brilliant LED panel when lifted from a horizontal surface.


The Brick Lamp is an innovative part of #DisruptSTORY. Visit us to see the light for yourself!