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COOL: STORY Teamed Up with Stance Socks for an Expressive Collection

Stance took a stand against taking socks for granted, and their designs have left a distinct footprint across Instagram and the world. They’re disrupting the sock status quo yet again in partnership with #DisruptSTORY, creating exclusive collaborations with artist Shantell Martin, actress Carly Chaikin, and Mr. Robot.

fsociety Insignia with Mr. Robot
These deep gunmetal gray socks bear the iconic logo of the vigilante hacker group fsociety and stripes of pixelated patterns. Evoking the tech-driven revolution of the award-winning drama, these limited-quantity exclusives are a must-have for the Mr. Robot super-fan.

Arted Socks with Shantell Martin
Shantell Martin is a British visual artist known for her art that is a meditation of lines; a language of characters, creatures, and messages that are part autobiographical and part dreamlike. Exclusively for #DisruptSTORY, she designed these socks that bear her distinctive touch and disruptive voice.

Mr. Robot Print with Carly Chaikin
In addition to portraying the stylish and unstoppable Darlene on Mr. Robot, actress Carly Chaikin is an avid painter. Creating her own colorful rendering of the mask that conceals the identity of fsociety’s ringleader, she has collaborated with Stance on this expressive exclusive that combines the world of her character with the art that is her passion.

Put your best foot forward this Father’s Day: Stance socks make a unique and colorful gift, and we’ve got something else planned for the days leading up to celebrating Dad!