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COOL: Six Disruptive Dad’s Day Gifts

It’s a worn-out cliche: Fathers’ Day means a card and a tie. It’s time to disrupt the gift-giving rut our culture is used to, because doesn’t Dad deserve something as special as he is? Dads are diverse, so the simple staple status quo seems outdated now that there are so many great gifting options. Choose one from our guide below! And remember, no matter what kind of Dad you’re celebrating, your hands aren’t tied.

Whiskey River Soap Co. “Dad Bods” Candle
For: The Clean & Clever Dad
Because: He tells a Dad joke, and people actually laugh. He likes to host, and everything from family dinners to cocktail parties bring out the best in him. Whiskey River Soap Co. hand-makes their great-smelling candles and soaps infused with as much wit as fragrance. The Dad Bods candle smells like the marshmallows and cookies he loves it when mom makes, all while celebrating the huggable shape those treats have given him.

The Stockwell Portable Speaker by Marshall
For: The Classic Rocker Dad
Because: He was in a band in high school, and still rocks out. He has a vinyl collection any aficionado would envy, and can tell you stories from live shows he’ll never forget. Marshall is the name he has read on amps and speakers his whole life, an iconic institution known as amplification pioneers. He can’t take his vinyl collection with him to the park, the beach, or wherever his next journey is – So the Bluetooth-enabled Stockwell’s two 2.25” woofers and a two-channel Class D amplifier let him take the loudest speaker in its class with him, all in a retro red-velvet-lined case.

The Silent Pocket Cell Phone Dual Faraday Carryall
For: The Strong & Silent Dad
Because: He brings home the bacon, but never answers the phone during family dinner. Staying connected while making power plays in business is important to him, but so is connecting to the people he cares about. Not one to sacrifice quality or get caught up in his screens, he’ll find the Cell Phone Dual Faraday Carryall’s genuine Nappa leather as smooth and resilient as he is, and he’ll appreciate the combination of protection and privacy that its wireless signal, cellular, GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, RFID, and NFC-blocking technology provides.

The Mini Lumio
For: The Dad Who Has Everything
Because: He isn’t expecting anything, because he tends to give more than receive. He’s generous, and he has great taste, always surprising everyone with exactly what they wanted (even if they didn’t know it). With the Mini Lumio, he’ll get a taste of that feeling he’s always sharing. When he opens what seems to be a hard-cover book, the buttery light of the LEDs inside will make his eyes go wide, and when he sees the versatile display methods, magnetic covers, and 360 degree opening removable spine – His smile will be as bright as the space Lumio illuminates.

The Pocket Monkey by Zootility
For: The Handy & Helpful Dad
Because: He built you a treehouse, and fixes anything that breaks (including your heart). He’s independent, the kind of Dad who changes his own tires and knows how to build a fire on a family camping trip. He likes things he can use, and when you show him the 12-in-1 tool that slides easily into his wallet, he’s going to know you get what he’s about. If he’s a Mr. Robot fan – connecting to the ragtag hackers’ ingenuity and independence – pair the Pocket Monkey with an exclusive fsociety bottle opener for a functional bundle.

The Canby Acetate Atlantic Shades by Shwood
For: The Cool & Creative Dad
Because: He’s got style, and while other kids were embarrassed by their dads, you were learning the ropes from yours. He has better stories than most everyone you know, from inspiring successes to mistakes he’s learned to laugh about, since he sees the world with such a comfortably sunny outlook. The Canby Acetate Atlantic Shades will keep him from squinting when he rides his motorcycle or travels to a new country, the grooved genuine Atlantic Records vinyl on their face making them the only shades with as much character as he has.