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COOL: JackThreads Created a Limited-Edition Mr. Robot Jacket

No spoilers, but the jacket Christian Slater wears in Mr. Robot is layered with meaning. JackThreads has crafted a limited-edition piece that’s perfect for fans of the compelling hacker drama.

The khaki jacket that Christian Slater wears when portraying Mr. Robot is one of the most immediately identifiable symbols from the show. True fans know that no detail is insignificant in a series with so many secrets, so this collaboration among JackThreads, #DisruptSTORY, and Mr. Robot made sure to get everything right.

From the functional retro aesthetic of the exterior to the vibrant diamond quilted poly lining, every inch of this exclusive release is crafted with a consideration for screen-to-store accuracy. This includes the definitive touch: the ironically upbeat “Mr. Robot: Computer repair with a smile!” patch over the left breast pocket.

This ideal wearable for the Mr. Robot super-fan can only be found on the JackThreads website or at #DisruptSTORY. Quantity is limited, so take action!