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COOL: Innovative Accessories for Sensationalizing your Smartphone

The emergence of the smartphone has been perhaps greatest disruption of this generation. Take your tech to the next level with these electric and illuminating innovations for the devices you use to change the world.

The Power Tube 3000 by MIPOW
Winner of a 2015 Personal Accessories Good Design Award, the Power Tube 3000 is the world’s first smart portable charger with Smart App control. Leave it in your bag and track its location, use the intuitive “find me” function is you misplace it, and leverage its long-lasting lithium-polymer battery to charge your device. (Picture in Header)

The Boostcase 
The Boostcase‘s modular design disrupts the industry-standard battery case with a stylish standalone protective case that clicks comfortable into an attachable battery sleeve when users want to boost their battery by 100%.

The Lumee
Lumee‘s appearance on the selfie scene made a flashy splash that has not slowed down yet. With a front-facing rim of brilliant LED lights that users can customize to flatter their faces most effectively, Lumee makes the case that social sharing is the time to truly shine.