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COOL: Get a Sneak Peek at Mr. Robot Season 2.0 at this Perch Interactive Table

Pull up a chair. It’s going to be a wild ride.

USA’s hacker drama Mr. Robot became a sensation last summer, tapping into the cultural zeitgeist in which technology is expanding, income disparity is increasing, and the future seems uncertain. In July, the series returns for a second season that is poised to be more ambitious (and disruptive) than the first go round.

So now’s the time to either catch up or brush up on the show’s mind-bending intricacies, from plot lines to the identity of the mysterious figure called Mr. Robot. Before you Prime it. take a seat at the 2.0 version of Elliot’s desk, programmed by Perch Interactive, to reveal exclusive content from the series each time you pick up an object. As Jared Schiffman, Founder & CEO, Perch Interactive explains:

For this STORY, PERCH designed and implemented the interactive display table based on Elliot Alderson’s desk. All PERCH displays involve interaction with physical products and associated digital content.

At Elliot’s desk you’ll find a mix of objects that can be picked up to play interviews, scenes, and a trailer from Mr. Robot season 2.0. As for the identity of Mr. Robot…you’ll have to sort that one out for yourself.