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COOL: Four Ways to Charge Your Device that Don’t Power Suck

Connecting, navigating, posting, or playing – Your smartphone battery needs to run all day just like you do. Since you can’t just buy your device a cup of coffee when it’s running low, and sometimes your adventures take you away from an outlet, having a portable charger is pretty critical to keeping your battery life (and the rest of your life) at 100%. Ahead four solutions that are powerfully well-designed.

The Zolt Charger
Designer Yves Behar’s latest buzz-worthy collaboration with team Zolt, this pocketable 70-watt charger is able to power three devices at once by way of simple geometry. Its octagonal shape lets air breathe through the device, enabling it to do more with less.

Native Union‘s Micro-USB iPhone Charging Dock
Sleek and minimal form meets modern functionality in this dock, designed for use with the BELT Cable – a 4-foot and tangle-free Micro-USB cable with attached leather strap.

The Bump
This all-in-one charger and USB battery has the power to make your life less tangled. Its adaptive module that can give your device a power shot (1.5x battery life), or it can plug in for a full boost.

The Amp Solar Charger by Voltaic Systems
Brooklyn’s Voltaic Systems creates products that empower you to go off the grid through its innovative portable power solutions. This versatile travel charger harnesses the power of the sun to sustainably power your device, all while holding four times the power and twice the battery storage of most other solar chargers.