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COOL: #DisruptSTORY’s Top Ten Most Popular Must-Haves

Fleshing out this concept involved curating some of the coolest merchandise we’ve ever gotten our shelves on. From the Innovators, to Expressionists, to Founders, to Union of 1s – #DisruptSTORY brought a spectrum of artistic and technical visions together to create an unforgettable experience of rebellion, productivity, and collaboration.

As #DisruptSTORY draws to a close, we’re looking back at the products that connected most with our community. Here’s our (but really, your) top ten list of most popular products from #DisruptSTORY:

10. fsociety Socks by Stance
Stance appears on this list three times, making the expressive sock company a triple #DisruptSTORY MVP. These gunmetal gray socks bore the iconic fsociety mask from Mr. Robot, and fans from far and wide came to take a stand for their favorite vigilante hackers.

9. Pixel Bricks Pac-Man by Paladone
This high-scoring homage to the world’s most famous hungry little yellow guy took on an extra life of its own at #DisruptSTORY, connecting with customers young and old with its classically fun style.

8. Invisible Socks by Stance
Stance makes its second appearance on this disruptive list with these socks that slip comfortably into your kicks and disappear.

7. fsociety Journal by Denik
Denik commissions independent artists to design the covers for their notebooks and pays them for each sale: Take note of this Mr. Robot-inspired journal, perfect for expressionists or any 1 with something to say (or draw!).

6. Vintage Prince Plate by Beat Up Creations
Self-taught artist Angela Rossi repurposes antique plates for her unique artwork, elevating the beat up to high art. This plate pays homage to the timeless cool of Prince, encircling his face with the plate’s natural character and inspiring expressionists everywhere with his legacy.

5. Carly Chaikin fsociety Socks by Stance

Carly Chaikin plays Darlene on Mr. Robot, but when she isn’t acting, she’s creating her own original artwork. Using a watercolor Carly made of the fsociety mask, Stance makes its third appearance on this list with a collaborative pair of socks exclusive to #DisruptSTORY.

4. USB Flash Drive Message in a Bottle by Molla Space
Ahoy! This USB-Drive comes with an aesthetic twist you can’t miss (and some extra protection for your important data).

3. Pac-Man Ghost Sours by Boston America
With a sweet and sour flavor that scores with taste buds, these treats come in a reusable tin that evokes the glory days of gaming.

2. Exclusive Mr. Robot Hat
Identical to the cap worn by Christian Slater in Mr. Robot, this exclusive collectable doesn’t just keep the sun out of your eyes – It marks you as a member of the Union of 1s!

1. The fsociety Mask
This unmistakable mask’s place at the top-selling slot is a testament to Mr. Robot‘s loyal audience. Just like the revolutionaries in the show, people all around NYC and the world want to wear the face of fsociety!

#DisruptSTORY is open until July 24th. Visit us to grab these items (and more) before the concept finale!